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I am 'Octo-Rudy' by Cookie-Chryssi I am 'Octo-Rudy' :iconcookie-chryssi:Cookie-Chryssi 1 3 Hugging OSO Blue (Thank You, Sian Ravello!) by Cookie-Chryssi Hugging OSO Blue (Thank You, Sian Ravello!) :iconcookie-chryssi:Cookie-Chryssi 3 0 Rookie Cops (A Pink Bunny Duo) by Cookie-Chryssi Rookie Cops (A Pink Bunny Duo) :iconcookie-chryssi:Cookie-Chryssi 4 4 When 2 Hattys' Meet (Happy Birthday, AwesomeJCR!) by Cookie-Chryssi When 2 Hattys' Meet (Happy Birthday, AwesomeJCR!) :iconcookie-chryssi:Cookie-Chryssi 1 0 Melody's Small Head by Cookie-Chryssi Melody's Small Head :iconcookie-chryssi:Cookie-Chryssi 3 0 Six Gamers, One Streamer by Cookie-Chryssi Six Gamers, One Streamer :iconcookie-chryssi:Cookie-Chryssi 3 0 MarCree (Artwork for Overwatch Anniversary) by Cookie-Chryssi MarCree (Artwork for Overwatch Anniversary) :iconcookie-chryssi:Cookie-Chryssi 2 0 'Spaltoon-ified' #104 - Fandroid! by Cookie-Chryssi 'Spaltoon-ified' #104 - Fandroid! :iconcookie-chryssi:Cookie-Chryssi 6 2 'Mini' Kellen Goff by Cookie-Chryssi 'Mini' Kellen Goff :iconcookie-chryssi:Cookie-Chryssi 0 0 A Cute, Wind-Up Mini Me (Read Description) by Cookie-Chryssi A Cute, Wind-Up Mini Me (Read Description) :iconcookie-chryssi:Cookie-Chryssi 4 3 'Splatoon-ified' #103 - Griffinilla by Cookie-Chryssi 'Splatoon-ified' #103 - Griffinilla :iconcookie-chryssi:Cookie-Chryssi 5 0 Ranger and Russell (Read Description) by Cookie-Chryssi Ranger and Russell (Read Description) :iconcookie-chryssi:Cookie-Chryssi 4 3 A 'Voice Over' Birthday Gift For Flora (Entry) by Cookie-Chryssi A 'Voice Over' Birthday Gift For Flora (Entry) :iconcookie-chryssi:Cookie-Chryssi 3 7 [RE-UPLOAD] May The 4th Be With You (Sort Of) by Cookie-Chryssi [RE-UPLOAD] May The 4th Be With You (Sort Of) :iconcookie-chryssi:Cookie-Chryssi 2 0 The Diamond Armada Couple (Happy Birthday, Will!) by Cookie-Chryssi The Diamond Armada Couple (Happy Birthday, Will!) :iconcookie-chryssi:Cookie-Chryssi 3 0 Wanna Know What Happens When I Play This? by Cookie-Chryssi Wanna Know What Happens When I Play This? :iconcookie-chryssi:Cookie-Chryssi 4 0


[SFM] Bendy's Dance-Off by Geoffman275 [SFM] Bendy's Dance-Off :icongeoffman275:Geoffman275 17 3 Your Average Nerd by Johnny-Inkling Your Average Nerd :iconjohnny-inkling:Johnny-Inkling 17 9 I'm not cute...Am I? (Splatoon Gmod Poster) by Johnny-Inkling I'm not cute...Am I? (Splatoon Gmod Poster) :iconjohnny-inkling:Johnny-Inkling 18 5 Cookie Monster (Splatoon SFM Poster) by Johnny-Inkling Cookie Monster (Splatoon SFM Poster) :iconjohnny-inkling:Johnny-Inkling 19 4 The Evolution of Johnny Inkling! by Johnny-Inkling The Evolution of Johnny Inkling! :iconjohnny-inkling:Johnny-Inkling 24 5 Sunset Shimmer by NeoMetalSonic360 Sunset Shimmer :iconneometalsonic360:NeoMetalSonic360 31 3 20170615174437 1 by wolfine201 20170615174437 1 :iconwolfine201:wolfine201 4 2 TPCallie by huntgbunt TPCallie :iconhuntgbunt:huntgbunt 10 2 Inktoling Splatfare (Splatoon SFM Poster) by Johnny-Inkling Inktoling Splatfare (Splatoon SFM Poster) :iconjohnny-inkling:Johnny-Inkling 17 2 Cosplay: Tiness Clementine by MrMadness02 Cosplay: Tiness Clementine :iconmrmadness02:MrMadness02 20 6 Cosplay: Tinadness by MrMadness02 Cosplay: Tinadness :iconmrmadness02:MrMadness02 17 3 Cosplay: Gerardiness Shadow Red by MrMadness02 Cosplay: Gerardiness Shadow Red :iconmrmadness02:MrMadness02 19 3 Cosplay: Labryness by MrMadness02 Cosplay: Labryness :iconmrmadness02:MrMadness02 20 1 Cosplay: Ryevan Blooness by MrMadness02 Cosplay: Ryevan Blooness :iconmrmadness02:MrMadness02 18 4 Cosplay: Purpleness by MrMadness02 Cosplay: Purpleness :iconmrmadness02:MrMadness02 15 2 Cosplay: Kelliness by MrMadness02 Cosplay: Kelliness :iconmrmadness02:MrMadness02 10 2




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


This was inspired by DAGames' new #BATIMChapter2 song and Geoffman275's new artwork and message from Steam. Also I didn't know Geoff was a fan of DAGames too!

:iconcookie-chryssi:: *Sees this artwork:  [SFM] Bendy's Dance-Off by Geoffman275 *
(Few minutes later, I get a Chat Message from Geoffman275.)
:icongeoffman275:: Maybe send it to Twitter and mention DAGames. :3
:iconcookie-chryssi:: I will! X3 *Tweets*
I am 'Octo-Rudy'
It's already too late, pesky Inklings, Octolings and Inktolings. The Octarian brainwashing was successful, and I am now coming. We are coming...

Inspired by: "Octo-Nobody" by Nobody (TheNobody1324)

Also a surprising view for...
1. :iconthenobody1324: - To show him that he's not the only one who was brainwashed by the Octarians. The Octarians showed me the world too.
2. :iconpkmnlover000: - To show him what's become of me. And I do not know if this is temporary or not.

Bullet; Red Splatoon is © Nintendo
Hugging OSO Blue (Thank You, Sian Ravello!)
I seriously have YoshiandBlinx to thank for adding me on Discord. Her voice acting and music are 100% fantastic; here's a hug to her from me! :hug:

To be honest, I'm very shy to talk to some pals, but a quick "hello" would be nice to start a conversation. :)

Also, I also wanna say a very, very quick "hallo" to YoshiandBlinx, herself, if she's busy please let her know that I have her to thank. Plus, she can do a remake of this in SFM, but must credit me for the original picture, also here's another hug from me. :huggle:

Similarity: "Hugging The Yellowist" by Violet Inkling

OSO Blue belongs to :iconyoshiandblinx:

If you wanna know more about Sian Ravello...
Here's her YouTube Channel:…
Her Twitter Page:

Bullet; Red Splatoon is © Nintendo
Rookie Cops (A Pink Bunny Duo)
I was so inspired by the new Fandroid song that was uploaded earlier this evening (Where I live), that I had to make this.

And no, I haven't seen Zootopia yet and yes, this will be my last drawing for now 'cause I'm out of printer paper.


Also a surprising view for the members of this group: :iconfandroid-robot:

Music Suggestion:
"City of Life (Zootopia Song)" by Melody (Fandroid)!

Bullet; Red Splatoon is © Nintendo

Bullet; Blue Zootopia is © Disney
When 2 Hattys' Meet (Happy Birthday, AwesomeJCR!)
This is for Awesomejcr for his birthday and I actually had this in mind: I actually wondered what will happen if his Super Mario Odyssey hat, Hatty, meets Kellen Goff's hat (With the same name as JCR's hat 'cause I'm out of ideas, if you know any good ones, tell me), and as of result I had this, along with my Odyssey hat, Cappy.

Happy birthday, JCR! Hope ya have a good one and thanks for the add on the Wii U! If you want to do a remake of this, please let me know!

Hatty belongs to :iconawesomejcr: and Kellen Goff

Cappy belongs to :iconcookie-chryssi:

Bullet; Red Splatoon is © Nintendo

Bullet; Blue Super Mario Odyssey is © Nintendo
No... no, not Blu-Blu. It's too soon. :( (Sad)

Farewell, Mushroompropeller. We will never forget you (Artwork coming soon). Waaaah!
Melody's Small Head
This was all based on a silly idea I had. Meow :3

Summary: Melody took my Inksona's Legendary Cap (During a hangout) and wanted to wear it, but my cap was too big for her and went in front of her eyes. She couldn't see anymore. :3

Also, if you saw on my Twitter page, I have a brand new #supermarioodyssey hat! Her name is Cappy and she now lives on my Inksona's head (Until I reach Level 50) and at her house. More bio about Cappy coming soon!

A cute and surprising view for Fandroid, himself (On Twitter), and the other members of this group: :iconfandroid-robot:

Similarity: "Sky Mashiro's Little Head" by Violet Inkling (On Steam)

If you wanna know more about Melody...
Here's her YouTube Channel (With some of her creator, Griffinilla and Fandroid's musical works):…
Her First Musical Work:…

Bullet; Red Splatoon is © Nintendo

Bullet; Blue Super Mario Odyssey is © Nintendo
Six Gamers, One Streamer
After seeing the Overwatch livestream from DAGames (Watch the full stream here:…), I knew I had to do this artwork, with not just Will and Chloe, but also Sean ("Stupid Plant" XD), Kellen Goff, Razzbowski and The Living Tombstone as well! :D (Big Grin)

And Chloe, herself told me to add The Living Tombstone (Got a little sneaky with him) and Sean cause they were in the livestream as well. Thanks for the heads-up, Chloe!

Also, I gave Will a different eye type. From now on when I do fan-art of him, I'll give him the Squid Sisters eyes, but blue. ;) (Wink)


Also a surprising view for Aficionado Chris, Simply Boggsy (Former member of DAGames), :iconcosmicchrissy:, and so on.

Bullet; Red Splatoon is © Nintendo

Bullet; Blue Overwatch is © Blizzard Entertainment

Bullet; Pink My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is © Hasbro
I decided to add a few people on my Featured channels on my YouTube channel. The people I choose for the featured channels are the best of the best. :)

Who I Added From Top Shelf to Bottom Shelf:
I might add more lads to my Featured Channels soon! But please subscribe to these guys if you want!

QUICK CHALLENGE TIME: I'm trying to figure out a good YouTube banner for my channel, but can you help? I will have to upload what it looks like first before you go ahead of me.

Thanks for reading. See you next time!
YAY! I finally recovered after a while from being banned from Miiverse, but now everything back to normal (I'm no longer banned :D) and I can continue my quest to reach Level 50 in Splatoon! :D

I'm really happy that :iconanibotmodels: and :iconagentandrew: heard about and was concerned.
I truly LOVE you all! Every single watcher!
*a giant warm hug to all*

Here's proof (Read Description):  A Cute, Wind-Up Mini Me (Read Description) by Cookie-Chryssi

R.I.P. Ban From Miiverse. ( 5/24/2017 - 6/08/2017) 

Thanks for reading. See you next time!
MarCree (Artwork for Overwatch Anniversary)
Here it is. A crossover of Splatoon and Overwatch! This is MarCree, supposed to be Marie from the Squid Sisters cosplaying as McCree from Overwatch; and yes, I drew this for the Overwatch anniversary event that's about to end next Monday, so I decided to upload this before it was too late (Even tough today is Tuesday), but still, enjoy!

Eh, I'm not much of an Overwatch fangirl myself, but I'm getting used to it. Also, I'm not good at drawing mechanical arms and I only drew the Octoshot Replica cause it was the best I could do. Next fan-art will feature Fandroid, the musical robot with his Inksona (That I created for him) will be coming soon! Stay tuned for more details!

Music Suggestion:
"It's High Noon (Overwatch/McCree Song)" by Fandroid!

Bullet; Red Splatoon is © Nintendo

Bullet; Blue Overwatch is © Blizzard Entertainment
So I got some news. Anybody remember that host segment in "Werewolf" in Mystery Science Theater 3000 where Mike Nelson stupidly falls on Crow and becomes a Werecrow? Well, this collab I'm starting is a reference to it and this collab has to deal with me and my friends, EllieTsukino and her boyfriend, InspectorHeavy!

Here's the Plot:
When going to Heavy's house after a good Turf War, Rudy (My Inksona now has a Marie-form just for heads-up) stupidly falls on Ellie (Where her Hero Headset Replica is) and her Hero Headset Replica was so sharp and pointy it cut Rudy's left eye (For clarification, please note that I'm referring to the left side of the Inkling, not the right), but somehow got her essence mingle with Ellie's. For now during her transformation as a "Were-Ellie," she is now an Inktoling with a Hero Headset Replica, Fingerless Gloves, and the wristbands that go with the SQUID GIRL Tunic.

But what will the rest of her transformation look like (I'll probably should do artwork on this after my Overwatch fan-art) what happens to Rudy, Ellie and Heavy...? Well, it's up to you!

Something You Should Know:
  1. Before you ask, yes, you also can use your OCs in the Collab, and your OC's can have a reaction to my Inksona transformation, but please just make sure you give me the name of your OC if you make artwork.
  2. I'll write a script you can use for a comic and it'll be uploaded on my soon.

Thanks for reading. See you next time!

Bullet; Red Splatoon is © Nintendo

Bullet; Blue Mystery Science Theater 3000 is © Best Brains, Inc.
'Spaltoon-ified' #104 - Fandroid!
NOTICE: This is re-uploaded on, because somehow it got deleted and I do not know why. Also, can someone please do artwork of Fandroid meeting his Inksona? If so, credit me 'cause I made his Inksona.

This is the fourth person (Or should I say 'robot'?) I "Splatoon-ified" in the first series, and that is Fandroid, the Musical Robot, himself! Fandroid, here in Mahi-Mahi Resort has been turned into an Inkling Boy, thanks to me having an idea on this.

Fandroid is also one of the adorable musical robots just like Melody on YouTube, and man, am I happy!

Here's a Fun Fact: I was the one who requested a Splatoon and/or a Squid Sisters song for Fandroid and when I share this on Twitter, I want Fandroid to know that this is what his Inksona (This blue inkling is Fandroid) looks like, and I want to introduce him to Splatoon (Something for Fandroid GAME!) and the community.

Fandroid's Inksona (Only in this Deviation, will be different in my next Deviation)'s Appearance, Clothes and Weapon:

Skin tone: Skin 2
Eye Color: Blue
Ink Color: Blue/Light Blue (When singing in the "Fandroid MUSIC!" music videos)
Headgear: Studio Headphones
Clothing: Dark Urban Vest
Shoes: SQUID GIRL Shoes
Weapon: Inkbrush

Previous: 'Splatoon-ified' #103 - Griffinilla
Next: 'Splatoon-ified' #105 - Melody (Coming Soon and Series 1 Will Be Complete)

This is also a surprising view for the members of this group: :iconfandroid-robot:

If you wanna know more about this cute and musical robot...
Here's his YouTube Channel (With some of his creator, Griffinilla's musical works):…
His Musical Works:…

Bullet; Red Splatoon is © Nintendo
Wow, first day of June and there's so many birthdays coming up (From those who I follow), so I'll give them all an early shout-out, cause why not?

So, happy (super early) birthday to :iconskulblakashurtugal:, :iconink-pie:, :iconnightfallart32:, :iconomegasnakey:, :iconrussellinkling:, :iconrangerbizmuth:, :iconcyanknight101: :iconsquirrelkidd:, :iconseanklaskyn64:, :iconinsanespyro:, :iconpkmnlover000: (Thanks for heads-up), :icongoldentraphasda:, :iconphoenixkev:, :iconblitzinkling14:, :iconazookastrike:, :iconawesomejcr:, :iconsjaypl:, :iconcrueldude100:, :iconsourcerabbit:, :icontpcallie:, :iconwajdakidsevolved:, :iconlowkeyklutz: and :iconmrsbennie:! :cake:

Man, that's a lot. Will update if another birthday comes up and this status post will, and I repeat, will be deleted when June is over.
UPDATE: The Fan-Art is now live! Check it out here:  MarCree (Artwork for Overwatch Anniversary) by Cookie-Chryssi

I'm actually planning to do fan-art for the Overwatch anniversary that is currently happening until June 12th with MarCree (Marie, from the Squid Sisters as McCree from Overwatch)! But also I'll do my first fan-art Fandroid, the musical robot himself very soon! Winky-face! ;)

This is a surprising view for the members of this group (I'm a member of this group): :iconfandroid-robot:

SMALL SPOILER: If you wanna hear the song that's gonna be recommended for the fan-art, for yourself, here it is (With the input and keywords):

Input:  (Overwatch)
Keywords: McCree, Overwatch, McCree Song, McCree Rap, Western

Thanks for reading. See you next time!

Bullet; Red Overwatch is © Blizzard Entertainment
Fan-Art for Overwatch Anniversary
A small announcement for my next fan-art, enjoy reading! Winky-face! ;)

Thanks for reading. See you next time!
-:iconcookie-chryssi:, member of this group, :iconfandroid-robot:

Bullet; Red Overwatch is © Blizzard Entertainment
Happy 2nd anniversary, Splatoon! May the Woomies be with you all!
'Mini' Kellen Goff
WARNING: This contains cuteness.

I was bored, that I had nothing to do, but I saw this drawing of Kellen Goff, the voice of Funtime Freddy in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, that was on my desk and this pic was just too adorable not to be shared to DeviantArt and Twitter (But I had and wanted to do this); so much, not even me nor Kellen's Super Mario Odyssey hat could handle it! So, yeah; and bless the Mini Mushrooms and yes, before you ask, this is only temporary.

Kellen is the hilariously high energy and creepy voice of Funtime Freddy in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, and I'm so happy to tell you a little story that happened on my Twitter page last month.

Wanna know the story? Here it is: I made the Super Mario Odyssey hat for Kellen (As seen in the Deviation above) last month cause I have him to thank for being so nice to me. I posted fan-art of him and his new hat, and guess what? He actually loved it; and man, am I lucky! Here's his reply from my tweet if you wanna see it:…

I'll be honest with you, when I first drew this, it was too adorable NOT to be shared, but then after I thought about this, and after a few minutes of word association, I finally said this to myself: "Nah, forget it, Rudy. Just upload it to DeviantArt for the cuteness." and as of result, I did.

I honestly didn't want to post this because I'm pretty sure most Splatoon/Human "Minis" are definitely cute. So having an human "Mini" looking at you (As seen with Lil' "Mini" Kellen here) is pretty much 50% of this (I think I've fainted.) or 50% chance of this (EeeEE!), therefore I didn’t want cute heart-stopping images to go to waste.

And Note to Kellen Goff (If he sees this): I am very, very happy you liked my fan-art, kindness and support that I offered to you on Twitter, and to be honest, when my summer vacation starts at the end of June (Next month), I think my summer vacation would be way more awesome if I met you in person. But still, thank you so much, Kellen, for all of your kind feedback to me (On my fan-art and so on) and to the others. You really are a good friend and also, note this; great voice-acting in Sister Location again, you have done a stellar job once again.

This is a surprising and cute view for Kellen Goff, himself, Lenny & Xavier (The Voice Over Show), and so on. :)

Similarities: "'Baby' Chryssi (Ze Inkling)" by mrbenio and "Mini Cookie-Chryssi (Ze Inkling)" by Alpha Swan (I have both mrbenio and AlphaSwan to thank for these pieces of artwork of me. :D)

For those who don't know who this awesome, friendly and funny voice actor is...

Here's his Twitter page:
More Information about him on the Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location wiki page:…
And His Inksona: 'Splatoon-ified' #102 - Kellen Goff

Bullet; Red Splatoon is © Nintendo

Bullet; Blue Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location is © Scott Cawthon

Bullet; Pink Super Mario Odyssey is © Nintendo
A Cute, Wind-Up Mini Me (Read Description)
I'm about to go to sleep, but here's a picture of a mini me (In the Mario vs. Donkey Kong) series that I drew a while ago. Also, I uploaded this to cheer myself up a bit because I had a huge accident on Miiverse, and long story short: I got banned. I do not know how long I'll be banned, but I'm upset of myself because of what happened and I feel like I did the wrong thing and I feel very awful right now.

And that is the reason why I had to upload this and why I'm leaving Miiverse for a while.

Also, if anyone sees this, can you do my Inksona in a GMOD screenshot and/or an SFM poster to help me cheer up (If you don't want to, that's alright)? Thanks.

I actually feel like I'm about to cry right now. Pikachu Crying Plz

A cute view for both :iconanibotmodels:, :iconagentandrew: (:heart:My Senpai :heart:), and so on. 

Bullet; Red Splatoon is © Nintendo

Bullet; Blue Mario vs. Donkey Kong is © Nintendo
'Splatoon-ified' #103 - Griffinilla
NOTICE: Sorry for the delay on this. I'm very busy with school, sorry! :( (Sad)

This is the third person I "Splatoon-ified", and that is Griffinilla, AKA Griffin, Griff, or '"The Griffin" (Nickname created by me), himself! Griffin, here in Museum d'Alfonsino has been turned into an Inkling Boy, thanks to me having an idea on this.

Griffin is also one of the nice, funny and cute music composer and gamer on YouTube, and man, am I happy!

Griff's Inksona's Appearance, Clothes and Weapon:
Skin tone: Skin 3
Eye Color: Brown and/or Green (If Griffin's eye color is either one of the two, please let me know so I won't make a mistake)
Ink Color: Cyan or Light Green
Headgear: Studio Headphones and Retro Specs or Black Arrowbands
Clothing: Camo Zip Hoodie
Shoes: Orange Arrows
Weapon: Splatterscope
Previous: 'Splatoon-ified' #102 - Kellen Goff
Next: 'Splatoon-ified' #104 - Fandroid!

If you wanna know more about this cute, friendly and musical YouTuber...
Here's his YouTube Channel (He does 'Let's Plays', etc.):…
His Twitter Page (Currently Inactive cause he moved to Fandroid):
His musical works:…

Bullet; Red Splatoon is © Nintendo
Ranger and Russell (Read Description)
I really wish you a very happy (super early) birthday and the very best, RangerBizmuth. We may not ever see you again until September because of what's going on, and since your birthday is coming up in the middle of the start of June (June 5th is Ranger's birthday) and I know this is super early, I want to give you this to you and your brother, RussellInkling before you go for good.

So, farewell for now, Ranger, even though your sketches always made us laugh or cry, our hearts will always remain with you for your safety wherever you are, but... please, come back early or very soon. I'm already starting to miss you... :'(

Fun Fact: I gave Ranger and Russel 2 of the new Inkling Boy hairstyles in Splatoon 2 just to make them look more cooler.

And note to MrMadness02: I'm very sorry I wasn't able to do anything special for your birthday. I had this to work on and I'm ill today. I hope you understand.

Similarity: "Julia X Julian" by The Yellowist

Featuring: :iconrangerbizmuth: and :iconrussellinkling: (Best Brothers Together Forever)

Mentioned: :iconmrmadness02:

Bullet; Red Splatoon is © Nintendo


Cookie-Chryssi's Profile Picture
"Octo-Rudy W."
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
NOTICE: The Octarian brainwashing was successful, and I am coming. We are coming…

Oh, hi there! I was wondering when you were going to show up. Allow me to introduce myself. My name's RudySquidkidGamerVA (Or "RSGamerVA" for short), but you can call me Rudy, and I welcome to my welcome to my DeviantArt page!

About Me:
I am a...
1. ??? (Will Be Revealed Soon)
2. Fan-artist
3. Independent Artist

NOTE: If you're wonder what happened to the names "Chryssi" and "Pinky/Pinkie', I don't go by that anymore. So please, just call me "Rudy," okay? Thanks.

Profile picture was created by :iconcookie-chryssi: (Me).

And Please Remember This:
No swearing and kid friendly. Happy gaming!

Super Special Avatar Icon thanks:
1. :icongold94chica: for letting me use his "Free Kawaii Bonnie Cute Chat Icon"
2. :iconsuricatedash: for letting me use her "Undertale AU - Ink Sans Icon"
3. ???


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